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StockPlus™ - Door Components Stock Door and Frame Program
StockPlus™ - Door Components' Stock Door and Frame Program.
Order by 9 a.m., available at 4 p.m.

StockPlus™ is Door Components' extraordinary stock door and frame program. The StockPlus program offers the following benefits:

Top Quality – All doors and frames are made of the identical material to our custom products, but with a visible seamed edge; each stock product is precision cut and made to order; all products are galvannealed on all surfaces; every door and frame is completely constructed of U.S. steel in our Southern California factory.

Flexible Features – Support for most manufacturers’ hinge and lock locations; cutouts for louvers and lites; precision function holes; doors and frames up to eight feet tall; choice of honeycomb or polystyrene core; all stock doors have a fire rating up to three hours.

Same Day Availability ‒ Order by 9 a.m. on any business day, pick up the same day at 4 p.m.

Next Day Delivery – Available in five Southern California counties; rapid shipment to all other locations.

Competitive Pricing ‒ Our prices are very competitive. Our clients can use Door Components as their stocking warehouse because we have one-day turnaround on any stock order and do not have a minimum order quantity. This saves our clients money by reducing their carrying costs for inventory.

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